The Beginning

”Oru Neram Annam” project by Pathanamthitta and Alleppey wings at Pathanamthitta district hospital
July 1, 2017
3rd Anniversary Celebration
July 23, 2017

About three years ago,  I searched for any CBR150R owners group in facebook, just to share my riding experience and to know other owner’s experiences, results found was many. I joined three groups having members from kerala and south India, namely ‘CBR150R biking brotherhood, CBR150R owners group and Kerala CBR150R riders’. I saw most posts about complaints and doubts. Members were little familiar with each other. Sometimes posts are about maintenance of the bike. Discussions were quite helping because members are owners of the same machine. After a month or two, Jenu from Trivandrum added remaining Kerala people from the other two groups to his Kerala CBR riders group.
Then almost fifty or sixty active members were there, and everyone started asking for a meetup. Discussions and plans went for months and no one was ready to take initiative for a meet. Nisthul (from Ernakulam) was the one who made most number of posts for a meetup. He was like begging in the last posts asking for a meet, and it gave result! His words are so inspiring. We decided to meet at ‘Mararikkulam Beach’ (Alleppey) on July 12, 2014.Then Milan (he is also from Ernakulam) created a WhatsApp group, to make plans easily for the meet. Ashifshan (we call him Ikka) is the farthest from Alappey. He is from Malappuram, almost 200kms away from our meetup destination. He confirmed that he will join us, whatever the distance may be. His words made most of us realize that excuses are made from lazy hearts, those who are willing to do, will see only possibilities. The meet was scheduled at 10am. I have only 55-60kms to ride. Even though I started a little earlier. Tharun from Kottayam said he will join me from Changanassery, on the way to Alappey. We rode together to Mararikkulam Beach. When we reached there, Nandu, Althaf, Nabeel and Vishal were waiting for us at the Beach. It was already 10am. We tried to call Nisthul and Krishnadas, both of them unanswered. We waited for some more minutes and then they arrived with Seven CBRs, lead by Nisthul and Dil.

Nisthul’s riding position is different. Like a freaky dukey boy, but not exactly. Only one of that kind. Milan rode an R15, he said his CBR was away for service. From Marari beach, we, The Kerala CBR group rode together to Kattady Beach, just about 5kms away. All CBRs with low beams ON, those having aftermarket air-filters marked their presence with RPM cut-off throttles. Ikka’s CBR roared like a beast with free-flow exhaust, Emil also twisted his throttle, the versatile Leovince joined with Ikka’s free-flow exhaust. The note of single-cylinder DOHC echoed in our ears, making all other sounds ‘un-hear-able’ (I don’t know were there is a word like that or not). People stared at us with excitement. Two old men showered us with local bad words, as we were making a lot of sound. The Kattady beach is perfect for a line-up and photoshoots. There is a bridge like thing made of broken rocks, laying a one hundred meters on to the sea, the bridge stays about two meters above the sea level. The waves hit on the rocks and sprinkles water highly.

A beautiful scene in the hot sun. The scenario made by the sea in the background is simply awesome. Thirteen ‘Baby Blades’ stood in unity like a royal army. We were seeing each other for the first time, even though happiness was like seeing our siblings after years of gap. It was really a brotherhood I saw from my fellow members. We took as many as photographs we can. Gautham and Ikka covered almost every frames with their cameras. Tried another location too in the same beach. The ‘Kattady Trees’ gave that name to the beach, obviously. Krishnadas a.k.a. KD left beach earlier because he needs to meet someone in the evening…maybe someone special. We took some groupfies also, Ikka brought a selfie stick. Riding between the Kattady Trees in the sea shore sand was a little tricky. Had great fun when Vishal’s bike got stuck in sand and everyone helped to get it out. Sand thrown from rear tyre seemed like fireworks.
When the sun made us really tired, we decided to disperse. We rode together back to the highway, where we splits to different locations. We made some more RPM cut-offs, as the excitement pumps out through right wrist. I rode back home with pride.
It was the first meet of Kerala CBR Riders! and the Birth of One Heart Crew


Jishnu Madhavan


  1. Karthik says:

    Inspiring move by you guys! 🤘🏻

  2. Vaisakh says:

    Happy and proud to be a part of this crew

  3. akshay krishnan says:

    #one_heart #one_ride

    OHC ❤

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