The Crew

One Heart Crew is a government registered motor-club which operates all over the state of Kerala functioning exclusively for the promotion of a particular sort of motor-bike, HONDA CBR. Being a giant organization, the club consists of a total of around 500+ members.

The Club is Currently on its Expansion phase and started operations in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.The crew is controlled by Governing Body consists of a single group of seven executive committee members who is in charge of taking the ultimate decisions regarding any matter.

Apart from that, the jurisdiction over the entire state is again sub-divided across each districts, assigned with a particular ‘district-head’. The above, dual-structuring helps the administration much more simplified. Every once a month, the club organize various one day trips to distinct parts of Kerala and twice does the frequent district meets are held within this short span.

Above all, many charities, social activities and old age homes spread across the state have benefited from our activities and donations. In addition to that, various promotions and campaigns regarding road safety are held often too.