Why are we this much irresponsible for our mother?????….

Onam Celebration With Santhwanam Charitable Trust Kottayam
September 16, 2016
ONE HEART CREW(Pathanamtitta Wing) Shared 2 Tankers of Water To Over 200 Houses
May 18, 2017

Why are we this much irresponsible for our mother?
We are born from her, then why are we killing her silently?
Plastic is known as the cancer affecting the earth & it is none other than us who is making it so. We see “Do not litter plastic” notice as “litter plastic here”.

Illikkalkallu, a mesmerizing view point situated in the kottayam district is newly opened for tourists. About one & a half year ago there was not even a proper road to reach there, the place was virgin. Now there is a good road to drive uphill and then we started polluting it.We see plastic bottles and littered plastic carry bags all over the view point instead of beautiful greenery. It’s us who spoil everything.

Please reduce the use of plastic.

Do not litter, carry it back.



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